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We make it count!

We make it count!
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Improve your writing the fun way.

take it, make it, fake it, break it.
Make Sue, and kill her. You know you want to.

x Tag your entry “kill me.” If you don’t, you’ll be reminded to do so once. If you don’t tag after that, your entry will be deleted and you’ll have to post again.

x We’d like the Sue you show us to be a Sue of your own creation. This can turn out to be good practice for your own writing after all. Learn how to avoid pitfalls by stomping into them. (This, however, is no must.)

x If your Sue gets hacked to pieces, don’t gnash your teeth at the assailants. If you don’t want her killed, don’t post.

x if you post another’s work, you must

a) create a link to the original work

b) post an excerpt only. Use your common sense when it comes to the length of a post.

posting work for critique
Need help with your writing?

x tag your entry “for critique.” You wouldn’t want your chapter to be plucked apart by accident.

x The rating must be given!

x Give us the title, the genre of your work, word count, and a quick note of choice could be added if required. (This note could include what you would like your critics to look out for, explanations of invented words, species… things like that.)

x You may post your synopsis if you wish to do so. Character development, world-building, etc. will be mentioned below.

x No fanfic, please. This is a place for original work… at least when it comes to critiquing. This might change over time, but for now things stand the way they are.

x If you critique, be fair and polite! Offer constructive advice. If you don’t like the writing, please tell us what it is you don’t like and why. Don’t browbeat someone who is posting for feedback. If you offend and harass someone, you will receive an admonition and the offensive comment will be deleted, either by yourself or a moderator. Should you continue to be snarky, you will be banned.

x If you receive critiques, try to practice grace, even if you don’t agree with what your critic had to say. Keep in mind that they took the time to read your post and comment on it. If you start grouching around about a crit you received, you’ll be admonished. If you don’t stop grouching, you’ll have yourself to blame if people laugh at you. If, however, you feel you have been seriously insulted, don’t be shy about contacting one of the moderators. (These insults should be hurtful attacks at your person. Someone stating that they don’t like your character/writing style, etc. will not be valued an insult.)

posting for discussion
share your thoughts, rants and revelations with other members

x tag your entry “discussion”

x give us the topic of your discussion.

possible subjects:

- book reviews

- publishing markets

- book releases

- popular authors

- world building

- character building

- fantasy creatures

- sci-fi worlds

- fantasy/sci-fi games based on novels

- writing rants

- … things of various kind. If you are not sure about whether or not your topic is suitable for the community, please contact a moderator.

Other random things.

x tag your random things “random.”

x These things could be

- pimping of other communities

- pimping of a book you recently had published

- other writing-related snippets

- writing-related icons, banners, wallpapers, etc.:

:: tag them “icons”

:: make sure to tell the audience whether your work is there to be shredded or not. (As mentioned above).

:: if you take an icon, banner, etc. you must credit the artist unless he or she says otherwise.

:: if you post an icon, banner, etc. you must post a link to the original artist’s website or the page you got the artwork from.

:: should you be a creator of css and would like to post your creation(s), please feel free to do so. Don’t forget to add a screenshot. Posts of this kind behind a cut, please.



No plagiarism!
This is illegal anyway, but we’ll tell you once again. If you are caught claiming another’s work, you will be banned! In addition, your username will be listed on this page, marked red, with “thief” stamped all over it.

What goes behind the lj-cut?
:: long posts behind a cut.
:: more than three icons go behind the cut.
:: screenshots and large images go behind the cut.
:: writing or images containing issues rated PG-17 though R to X, etc. You must warn in capitalized, bold letters.

locking posts:

Do not f-lock posts that are tagged “kill me.”
you may, of course, lock the posts for critique, discussion, your banners and icons, etc., if you feel the need to protect them.
No private posts! I doubt that anyone would do this, but just in case.

Go out and pimp it!

Should you have complaints about another community member, and how they treated you, feel free to contact a moderator. If you feel you’ve been harassed, you must offer proof… usually in form of a link to where the harassment has taken place.
If you think your work has been plagiarized, contact a moderator. Again, you must offer proof!
Should you have any suggestions on how to improve the community, please contact a moderator instead of posting an entry.

Contact sudyn by clicking on this link. All comments here are screened and only viewable to me.


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